‘Call’ for content review and updating of SAfAIDS LGBTI Toolkit

‘Call’ for content review and updating of SAfAIDS LGBTI Toolkit

 Deadline: 08 November 2017

As part of the Key Populations – Representation, Evidence and Advocacy for Change in Health (KP REACH) project, supported by Global Fund through Hivos, SAfAIDS seeks to hire the services of a Key Populations Expert and Content Development Consultant to update their groundbreaking LGBTI Toolkit, first produced and published in 2011.

The Toolkit contains the following documents that will need review, updating and expanding as per the guidance given in the ‘work to be done’ section below:

  1. Introduction sheet
  2. A FacilitatorsHandbook: Integrating LGBTI issues into HIV & GBV Prevention
  3. Booklet Ensuring LGBTI Rights and Pretection as Human Rights
  4. Booklet: Gays and Bisexual Men – Linking to HIV & GBV Prevention
  5. Booklet: Lesbians and Bisexual Women- linking to HIV & GBV Prevention
  6. Booklet: Transgender People – Linking to HIV & GBV Prevention
  7. Booklet: Intersex People – Linking to HIV & GBV Prevention
  8. “Know Much More”: Booklet on Frequently Asked Questions and Myths & Misconception
  9. African Manifesto on LGBTI (2010)
  10. Binaries and Boxes Poster

The Toolkit can be accessed on the following link:


Key requirements

  • Knowledge and experience in KP issues across southern Africa, and at least 5 years advisory experience on KP-related work.
  • Experience in content development, including training and learning materials for targeted populations. At least 3 samples of relevant documents should accompany the submission.
  • Experience of and with KP forums in the countries in which the programme operates (See kpreach.net).
  • Experience in use of The LGBTI Toolkit in programming and advocacy in Africa.
  • Fluent in English with good written and communication skills in the same.
  • Able to work to tight time deadlines and effectively manage feedback from multiple key stakeholders.
  • Preference will be given to members of the LGBTI community who satisfy the above criteria.

 Work to be done

  • Review existing content to reflect changes and developments in LGBTI terminology, include findings from recent research together with integrating critical information and messaging produced and used within the KP Reach programme to align the package with ongoing efforts.
  • Develop and include a resource for sex workers within this package
  • Develop a resource that talks to and supports critical decision makers and stakeholders (political, traditional and religious leaders, health service providers and the judicial system) to better understand and support the issues of LGBTI & sex workers.

To apply

Submit your application (including a detailed CV, three contactable references, a short narrative methodology and workplan together with a budget to complete the work, including relevant work samples) to: info@kpreach.net

Submissions must be 6MB or less- accompanying documents can be zipped or shared as a downloadable link.


Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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