Don’t Be S.A.D.

DON’T BE S.A.D : Sportsmanship on and off the field (Avoid SEX, Alcohol and Drugs)

The SAfAIDS guide to an  EXCELLENT Dairiboard Schools Rugby Festival experience.

Sex, Alcohol, Drugs (S.A.D) are all very damaging when abused on and off the rugby field. (Avoid SEX, Alcohol and Drugs) is the message from SAfAIDs this year. The Dairiboard Rugby Festival has long been an occasion that pulls in the masses around the unifying rugby games. The game of rugby has come so far that it now includes 30 female teams and now has 186 teams from 168 teams in 2014. An expected 30 000 people (approximately the population of Marondera), are expected to flow through the Prince Edward Games on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It would be very sad if S.A.D became the demise of this spectacular event.


The manner in which people rally around the game is a symbol of unity, something that goes beyond race, gender, class; it is all about the game- or is it? Year after year the tabloids and gossipers have taken advantage of those young teenagers that gather at these events because children are largely unsupervised and may begin to engage in “scandalous behaviours”.  Unfortunately to some, the Rugby Festival may be a signal of amoral activities, plagued with S.A.D abuse. BUT not this year! In a recent interview the festival director Sebastian Garikai has assured that there will a number of educational organizations (such as SAfAIDS – of course!) available to provide education to the youth and others on positive behaviours.

Ultimately, it’s about good sportsmanship on and off the field. As part of our edutainment, SAfAIDS HIV prevention sports desk has so kindly drafted a set of rules for an excellent Dairiboard Schools Rugby Festival experience. These are as follows:

  1. Be a good team player: you and your friends need to look out for each other.
  2. Play your position: Know who you are and make decisions that have a positive impact on you that you will not make you SAD/regret tomorrow.
  3. Make the right pass: are you being a positive influence or are the one instigating S.A.D abuse.
  4. Make the right moves: how are you going home? Is it safe? Don’t drink and drive
  5. Keep the ball to win: Don’t end the games to start a life with HIV and/or a pregnancy
  6. Keep the message This one is the most important one so make sure you write this one down: Say No to Sex, Alcohol and Drugs:

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