KP Reach Sensitisation Pack

The KP REACH programme aims to reduce HIV infections and HIV-related deaths among people from selected key affected populations (KP) in Southern Africa. It specifically targets: sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender people and women who have sex with women. It targets key sectors – health, justice, culture, religion and politics – to sensitise community leaders on the importance of de-stigmatising these key population groups to ensure access to HIV prevention, testing and treatment services for all, using KP Reach Champions. This Champions Pack emphasises the need to focus on what unites us, not on what divides us.
Who is this manual for?
This manual provides trained and supported KP REACH Champions with key information on the programme as they work in their sector of engagement.
How to use this manual
The manual is primarily a summary reference material for use by the KP Champions. For ease of use, the information is in four parts:
Part 1 – Information, support and guidance on the KP REACH programme, and roles of partners.
Part 2 – Understanding human sexuality as a continuum – shades of grey.
Part 3 – KP Champions roles, and targeted information and advice to support KP REACH Champions in their advocacy work.
Part 4 – A regional oversight of country-specific HIV and KP risk in the region, as well as an overview of stigma and discrimination faced by KPs across the target countries and a list of useful resources on KPs.

Download : KP Reach Sensitisation Pack

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