Making Access Real : The Women’s Leadership Centre

Who are we?

The Women’s Leadership Centre is a feminist women’s rights organisation based in Windhoek, Namibia. We work towards building a society in which all women actively engage in shaping the politics, practices and values of both public and private spheres of life. Our organisation supports the development of leadership among Namibian women at the grassroots by building the voice, visibility, creativity, pride and transformative agency of women from some of the most marginalised sectors of society. We empower them to form women’s groups and to articulate their experiences, needs and desires through texts and photography, informed by a critical feminist consciousness of their human rights as women and as citizens. Our Zambezi for Women’s Rights Programme focuses on the prevention of harmful cultural practices that subject girls and women to all forms of violence and high risk of exposure to HIV. We run this programme in villages across Zambezi Region in north-eastern Namibia, as well as in the regional capital Katima Mulilo. We do not have members, but operate through volunteers and village community facilitators across Namibia, with whom we communicate via mobile phone.



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