Positive Vibes’ (PV) KP REACH Newsletter


… to the first issue of Positive Vibes’ (PV) KP REACH newsletter!

This regular update aims to introduce programme partners and participants to each other’s work, and to highlight some of the key activities we have done together through KP REACH in different countries across Southern Africa.Certainly for PV, this newsletter forms part of our ongoing commitment to learning, and we hope it will encourage the further forming of connections within countries and across organisations, and the identification of synergies between the network capacity strengthening, community-based human rights monitoring (Rights, Evidence, Action: REAct) and citizen journalist (Key Correspondent, KC) programme streams to strengthen our work to build an evidence base and identify best practice for more responsive HIV programming, and further our advocacy agenda to ensure ‘key population’ (KP) voices are heard and stigma and discrimination is removed.

This first issue gives a brief overview of the PV programme and who our country-based partners are, and then provides some snapshots of their work, including a focus on what we are learning. It concludes with a section called ‘Looking ahead’ in which we share some ideas about the programme direction and key activities over the next implementation period. We are pleased to share this publication with you!

The PV KP REACH team



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