Terms of Reference: ( A Call for Tenders) Results Assessment and a Costed Sustainability Plan

Key Populations, Representation, Evidence and Advocacy for Change in Health (KP Reach)
GFATM / KP REACH / Grant No. QPA-H-Hivos 891

KP Representation, Evidence and Advocacy for Change in Health – KP REACH – is a regional programme, developed and initiated in Southern Africa to contribute to a strengthened key population (KP) response to HIV (including men who have sex with men or MSM, sex workers or SW, transgender people or TG, and women who have sex with women or WSW). The goal of the programme is to achieve a reduction in HIV infections and HIV-related deaths among key populations in Southern Africa through improved access by KPs to HIV prevention, testing and treatment.
The programme was designed to develop and implement a joined up and sustainable regional community system strengthening approach that could address persistent deficits around capacity, evidence, and promote attitude change to reduce stigma and discrimination.

The programme’s key objectives are:
• Strengthening four existing and/or emerging regional KP networks in Southern Africa so that they are able to work together and with others in a strategic and efficient manner; • Improving data collection as well as the use, management, scale up and replication of innovative best practices to enable more responsive programming and policies at the national level to improve KP access to HIV prevention, testing and treatment; and, • Developing and disseminating messaging co-created with KPs to shift attitudes and beliefs for reduction in stigma and discrimination as a key barrier to preventing KPs from accessing prevention, testing and treatment for HIV.
KP reach was launched in January 2016 with a total approved budget of $11,465,336, provided by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). The programme’s Principal Recipient (PR) is HIVOS, which works with four KP networks active in the region (AMSHeR, ASWA, CAL, and Gender DynamiX/SATF), two technical support CSOs (Positive Vibes and SAfAIDS), and a private sector partner (M&C Saatchi World Services). The programme will end in December 2018.
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KP Reach is supporting work in eight countries which account for 81% of people living with HIV in subSaharan Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. Despite these countries’ achievements in reducing AIDS-related deaths in the past decade and an overall decline in most countries, new infections in key populations continue to increase. UNAIDS notes that in sub-Saharan Africa overall, KPs account for more than 21% of new infections, and HIV prevalence among these populations is often extremely high. UNAIDS also notes that there is credible and consistent evidence that when HIV related services are provided to KPs free of stigma and discrimination, new HIV infections decline significantly.

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